Photo Gallery of Style#2 Headboards:

Aluminum Flatbed Bodies New Jersey

                                                Photo Gallery of Style#1 Headboards:

                                       Quality Truck Bodies Built Bodies to fit your needs                                      

* Installing Flatbed on Your Pickup       *Road Ready*                                                                       $475

*Ship-out Flatbeds, No additional cost                                                                                                  $0.00

                                                                                                                                       * Mud Flaps

                                         ( All ship-out kit pricing includes the following )        * Mounting Bolts

                                                                                                                                       * Wiring Harness
                                                                                                                                       * Standard Lighting

* Additional Items that are that might be needed or changed when installing flatbeds

                                          ( All Bed Delete Pickups )                * Backup Sensors              Approx.     $100

                                          ( All Bed Delete Pickups )                * Backup Camera               Approx.     $150

                                       ( All Cab & Chassis Trucks )               * Backup Camera               Approx.     $75

                                              ( New Ram Bed Delete Pickups)        * New DEF Fill Port             Approx.     $175

                                     ( New Ram Bed Delete Pickups)         * New Fuel Filler Port        Approx.     $150


                                         Standard Bed Specifications

                                                    3'' Extruded Channel Crossmembers, 12'' on Center

                                                       1/8'' Diamond Aluminum Floor

                                                  (4) Styles Headboards, Basic Price includes Style#1

                                                    1-1/2''x3-1/2'' Extruded Stake Pockets

                                                                    Extruded Rub Rails

                                                                     1-Fuel Filler Port

                                                Universal Mounting or 4'' Channel Main Sills

                                                                                            Mud Flaps

                                                               DOT Spec. LED Lighting


Standard Base Model Flatbed

                                                         Lighting & Wiring Options:
* (2) 12V Halogen Work Lights on Headboard w/ Switch in Cab                                                       $128

* (2) 12V LED Work Lights (2150 LUMENS)  on Headboard w/ Switch in Cab                                 $225

* Upgrading all Lighting on Flatbed to LED ( Optronics Miro Flex )                                                  $85

* 7-Way RV Trailer Socket  ( Replacement on Rear of Truck )                                                            $38.50

* 7-Way RV Trailer Socket  ( Addition in Gooseneck Opening )                                                         $98
* Prewired Flatbed     ( Only added to ship-out Bodies by Request )                                               $115

            Diamond Floor                            Smooth Floor                              Extruded Floor

              Style#1                                 Style#2                               Style#3                                Style#4

                                                                                  Headboard Options:  
*Upgrading from Style#1      to     Style#2                                                                                              $190  
*Upgrading from Style#1      to     Style#3                                                                                              $350

*Upgrading from Style#1      to     Style#4                                                                                              $350

Notes:    *All Prices is based from our style#1 Design Headboard

                *Headboards can also be custom built by request

                                       Photo Gallery of Style#1 Headboards With Lights:

Aluminum Flatbeds

                                                Photo Gallery of Style#3 Headboards:

                                                                            Common Options:
*Additional Stake Pockets and Rub Rails Across Back of Bed                                                           $150
*Angled Rear Bed Corners, 8''x12''                                                                                                          $135
*Recessed D-rings in Floor of Flatbed                                                                                                     $35ea

*Additional Fuel Filler Port, DEF of Second Tank                                                                                  $55

*16''x16'' Gooseneck Opening                                                                                                                  $65
*Steps & Grab Handle on one Side                                                                                                          $85

                                                                          Side Board Options:

*12'' High Removable Sides & Tailgate                                                                                                   $650

*8'' High Removable Sides & Tailgate                                                                                                      $590

*Extruded Stake Posts Sold Separately                                                                                             $.50 Inch  

(If building your own sides) Will cut to length you need

*24'' Long Dia. Aluminum Toolbox               *Installed*          Single & Dual Trucks                    $370
*30'' Long Dia. Aluminum Toolbox               *Installed*          Single & Dual Trucks                    $390
*24'' Long Polished Stainless Toolbox         *Installed*          Dual Trucks Only                           $410
*30'' Long Polished Stainless Toolbox         *Installed*          Dual Trucks Only                           $430

*Custom Toolboxes Available by Request

                    *Listed below are our standard options*


                                                                                             Floor Options:      

*Upgrading from 1/8'' Diamond to 3/16'' Diamond Floor Thickness                                           $225

*Upgrading from 1/8'' Diamond to 3/16'' Smooth Floor Thickness                                              $225

*Upgrading from 1/8'' Diamond to Extruded Plank Flooring  (Heavy)                                         $225

* Wood Floor Available by request                                                                                        

PH# 814-793-3353

279 Cross Roads Lane, Martinsburg, PA 16662, USA

*Get your Flatbed Installed while you Wait* 

*All Prices Listed Below are Based From our style#1 Design Above*

*84''x88''      Aluminum Flatbed     $1900                 *84''x106''     Aluminum Flatbed      $1975

*96''x106''    Aluminum Flatbed     $2290                 *96''x112''     Aluminum Flatbed      $2450

*96''x132''    Aluminum Flatbed     $2950                 *96''x144''     Aluminum Flatbed      $3150


*84''x88''      Steel Flatbed                $1700                *84''x106''      Steel Flatbed                $1800

*96''x106''    Steel Flatbed                $1950                *96''x112''      Steel Flatbed                $2150

*96''x132''    Steel Flatbed                $2450                *96''x144''      Steel Flatbed                $2650