*Available Truck Options*

* Tow Hitch with 2-1/2'' Receiver

* 30K Gooseneck Hitch 

* B&W Fifth Wheel Hitches          
* RV Plug in Gooseneck Opening

* Aux. Work Lights

* Back up Camera                 

* Backup Sensors


                                          *Choose The Style Floor you Prefer*


* Get Your Flatbed Installed While you wait       *Road Ready*                                             

*Ship-out Flatbeds , No additional cost                                                                                                 

                                                                                                                                       * Mud Flaps

                                         ( All ship-out kit pricing includes the following )           * Mounting Bolts

                                                                                                                                       * Wiring Harness
                                                                                                                                       * Standard Lighting

* Additional Items that you might be needed or changed when installing flatbeds

                     * Backup Sensors                            * Backup Camera             

                     *All Box Delete Truck with EZ Fill Systems

                     * DEF Fill Forts  

                     * Truck With Dual Fuel tanks need extra Port on Body

Aluminum Flatbeds

      Martin Truck Bodies, is a manufacture of high quality truck bodies, We offer flatbed bodies for new Cab & Chassis trucks, and also replacement bodies for you truck with rusted out pickup Boxes.  Martin offers more standard options than any of our competitors. 

 We would be more that happy to send you a quote on the body you are looking for. Please go to our contact page and send us a request, or give us a call.

      If you  don't see what you need go to our custom Body Page

One of our alumax flatbeds

*Get your Flatbed Installed while you Wait* 

                     *Find The size Flatbed that will fit your truck*

*84'' Wide x 80'' Long,    Dodge  6-1/2'  Bed Delete    1500  thru  3500 Model, Single Wheel

*84'' Wide x 88'' Long,    Ford & GM 6-1/2' Bed Delete, 1500 Thru 3500 Model Single Wheel

*84'' Wide x 104'' Long,    Ford, GM, & Dodge, 8' Bed Delete, 1500 Thru 3500 Model Single Wheel

*96'' Wide x 104'' Long,    Ford, GM, & Dodge, 8' Bed Delete, 3500 Model Dual Wheel

*96'' Wide x 112'' Long,    All Cab & Chassis Truck with a 60'' Cab to Axle

​*96'' Wide x 136'' Long,    All Cab & Chassis Truck with a 84'' Cab to Axle

        **** Bodies can Also be built to special lengths to fit your truck****

Standard on Flatbeds

  *Available Flatbed Options*

* Pockets and Rub Rails Across Back of Body               
* Angled Rear Bed Corners, 8''x12''                                 * Recessed D-rings in Floor of Flatbed                            * Additional Fuel Filler Port, DEF for Second Tank        * 16''x16''  Gooseneck Opening                                        * Steps & Grab Handle on Front of Body

* Steps on Rear Skirt of Body

* 8'' High Removable Sides & Tailgate

*12'' High Removable Sides & Tailgate

*Extruded Stake Posts (To Build you own Sides)

​*Aux. Aluminum Fuel Tank

*Diamond Aluminum UnderBody Toolboxes

*Smooth Aluminum Underbody Toolboxes


            Diamond Floor                        Extruded Smooth Floor               Extruded Grooved Floor

         Style #1000                             Style #2000                                Style #3000                                  Style #4000

                                       Photo Gallery of Style#1 Headboards:

                                                Photo Gallery of Style#3 Headboards:

Martin Truck Bodies

                Diamond                                       Smooth                                    Stainless

                                                Photo Gallery of Style#2 Headboards:

Aluminum Flatbed Bodies New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio, New York

                                                Photo Gallery of Style#4 Headboards:

Primarily  Used for


                                      *Under Body ToolBox Options*

Eco Friendly Alumax Flatbeds

Special Order

                                               *Choose The Style Headboard you Prefer*


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