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Martin Truck Bodies


                                  Standard Bed Specifications  

                                                             Length:  16ft - 24ft            

                                                 Sides: 4ft, 5ft, 6ft & 7ft

                                                 Tailgate: High Lift Tailgate
                                                 Floor: 10ga   (Other options Available)
                                                 Cab Protector:  12'' -36''
                                                 Crossmembers:  4'' Channels, 12'' OC
                                                Main Sills:  8'' w/ Poly
                                                Mud Flaps 
                                                Lighting: LED, on Body or Frame Mounted
                                                Hoists:   Scott Scissor Hoist  (Sized according to Body)

                                                Can Controls: Cable or Air

                                                Steel Bodies, Sandblasted & Primered & Painted Black

                      *Steel*     &       *Aluminum*

                            Silage / Forage Bodies

                                             Photo Gallery of Completed Units:

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